Jon Cryer Closes In On Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Two and a Half Men’ Salary

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jon-cryer-ashton-kutcherEveryone knows TV star wages are not always fully based on merits, but apparently they sometimes can be. For instance, even though Ashton Kutcher is a much bigger name than Jon Cryer in the movie industry, it seems the two will be earning about the same for their next season of Two and a Half Men.

The key words there are clearly “about the same”, but hey, let’s not get caught up in counting change. Kutcher is to make $700,000 for each new episode of Two and a Half Men (22 in total, so $15.4 million for the entire season), while Cryer will be cashing a cool $620k per episode, bringing his own grand total to $13.6 mil.

Okay, maybe $1.8 million is not exactly change, but still, the gap is much narrower than it used to be between Alan Harper and his co-star. Not to mention how it was back in Charlie Sheen days, when the Golden Globe winner made $1.25 mil per episode, whereas Cryer, recently rewarded with an Emmy, earned no more than 450 gees.

In other news, CBS is reportedly looking for an Angus T. Jones replacement, following the young actor’s dropping from the show’s regular line-up. Rumor has it a female will be given more leeway in the upcoming season 11, though it’s unlikely it will be Miley Cyrus to step up in a regular role. Fingers crossed for Melanie Lynskey (aka Rose) anyone?

Via [Hollywood Reporter]

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