Get Out and Enjoy Free Comic Book Day 2013

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Free comic book dayThose who are fixtures in our local comic shops already know Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow. To the rest of the world, I’m imploring you to stop by a nearby shop and experience what they have to offer. It is free, after all. Diamond Comics estimates retailers will give away 4.6 million books tomorrow.The first Saturday in May every year is set aside as Free Comic Book Day, to reward loyal customers and hopefully attract new ones.

My local comic shop guy refers to himself as the purveyor of all things that will be cool in pop culture in the next five years. He’s not kidding. The most popular show on cable is The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman’s comic. On Monday, the number one movie in the country will be Marvel’s Iron Man 3.

One of the books you can get tomorrow for free could be the next hit show everybody is talking about. As a matter of fact, some of the comics are essentially previews for upcoming shows. The DC Nation Super Sampler includes looks at new animated series Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! Marvel is offering books that feature Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and Avengers Assemble!

If you don’t believe me about how cool this is, listen to “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman.

May 4th is also Star Wars Day.  May the Fourth be with you, see what they did there! It’s the first Star Wars day since Disney bought the rights from creator George Lucas, and Disney’s parks will celebrate with character appearances and parties. If you are not being at least a little nerdy this weekend, you are not doing it right.

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