CW Releases Trailer for ‘Arrow’

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CW is digging deep into the DC Comics’ hero vault with an upcoming show based on Green Arrow. They’ve made some updates that may not please comic book fans. First off, the hero and thus show’s name is shortened to Arrow. He now protects Starling City, instead of Star City as it’s called in the books.

Oliver Queen is a billionaire playboy presumed dead while stranded on a deserted island for five years. During that time he becomes an expert archer. When he’s rescued, he finds Starling City in decline and makes a solemn vow to clean up its streets. I’ve heard this show described as a “Jason Bourne” take on the Green Arrow character. Stephen Arnell is the title character. Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim, who have written Green Arrow comics, are among the show’s producers.  CW has released a trailer to whet our appetites for heroic action:

Arrow is coming to the CW on Wednesdays this fall at 8 p.m. What do you think so far? Is this appointment TV or will CW’s latest superhero miss the target?

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