‘Men in Black 4′ Gets Green Light in Spite of Logic and Common Sense

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Men in BlackAs if there weren’t enough stale franchises being extended way past their prime with lame sequels, prequels and spin-offs this year, the black suits (are) comin’. Again?!? Likely not before 2015, but still, a “Men in Black 4” has been green-lighted by Sony.

You’re probably asking yourselves “why, God Almighty, why?” by now, but the answer is very, very simple. Because we, as moviegoers, are stupid. Sorry for being so blunt, but how else can you explain “MIB 3”’s $624 million worldwide grosses? And don’t even get me started on “Men in Black 2”, which was a complete mess, but still grossed close to $450 mil.

Anyways, chances are the franchise’s fourth title will bomb pretty hard, as both Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are unlikely to return. Then again, Smith’s career is in a very obvious (and steep) decline and the two-time Oscar nominee is reportedly on board for “I,Robot 2”, “Hancock 2” and “Bad Boys 3”, so anything’s possible.

Meanwhile, the only name confirmed to be involved in “MIB 4” is that of writer Oren Uziel. That probably doesn’t ring many bells at this time, but for some reason the guy appears to be on fire – he’s currently penning the “21 Jump Street” sequel, along with Michael Bacall, the original’s scribe, and is in talks for a “Mortal Kombat” reboot. Go home, Sony, you’re drunk!

Via [Hollywood Reporter]

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