Channing Tatum Is… John McClane (?!?) In New ‘White House Down’ Trailer

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white-house-downSay, are you looking forward to that one movie scheduled to enter theaters this year where the leader of the free world gets in trouble following a terrorist attack? What do you mean you already saw it? No, not that one, the other one movie.

You know, the one where the US president is black to add just a pinch of realism to the story, while the hero is a young, ordinary, butch policeman instead of a middle-aged, butch, disgraced secret service agent. Still sounds like the same movie?

Well, it’s not like such a thing didn’t happen before. Do you remember “Friends with Benefits” and “No Strings Attached”? How about last year’s “Mirror Mirror” – “Snow White and the Huntsman” fiasco?

Still, if you decide to give “White House Down” (that’s the one unreleased yet) a shot and check out the newest trailer, you’ll find that the thing is not a 100% replica of “Olympus Has Fallen”. It is however uncannily similar to “Die Hard”.

Channing Tatum’s character is even called John, which hopefully hints at some potentially humorous John McClane references. In fact, if there’s one thing that can save “White House Down”, that’s a light, relaxed and amusing tone, similar to the one in the below trailer. Because God knows we’re fed up with tense, supenseful action flicks that take themselves too seriously, right?

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