At the End of the Day: ‘Star Wars’ is Overrated, ‘Seinfeld’ in New York, Hollywood and Hitler

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I'm not impressed

I’m not impressed

The most New York-centric episodes of Seinfeld (NYCgo)

Why “Star Wars” is overrated (Bad Ass Digest)

After Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly died, a lot of people erroneously thought it was Christopher Cross who passed (Twitter)

Speaking of which… a ranking of the best jumping-related songs (Slate)

My old film professor Thomas Doherty, with a book excerpt on “Hollywood and Hitler” (Pop Matters)

On that strange plot twist in “Iron Man 3″ (Criticwire)

While I prefer the Swedish version, John Grisham is planning a book sequel to “A Time to Kill” (Hollywood Reporter)

One of the supporting actors has written a memoir about the making of “The Room” (AV Club)

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