Trailer Watch: ‘High Fidelity’ Meets ‘Kill Bill’ In ‘Some Girl(s)’ Starring Adam Brody

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some-girlsLet’s be honest, Adam Brody is not exactly the most talented male actor of his generation. He has no range, a pretty annoying lisp and he’s just not very expressive. Which is why I’m dying to see if he can pull of the role of a misogynistic, womanizing writer in the upcoming “Some Girl(s)”.

The dramedy has premiered at SXSW back in March and is scheduled for a (very) limited US theatrical release on June 28, plus a Vimeo-On-Demand launch the same day. Based on a Neil LaBute play adapted for the big screen by the same guy, “Some Girl(s)” is directed by Daisy Von Scherler Mayer and stars, besides Brody, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Morrison, Emily Watson and Zoe Kazan.

In a way, the movie’s plot very much resembles the storyline of “High Fidelity”, with Adam Brody’s character looking to make amends with ex-lovers on the eve of his wedding. However, we’re in for some twists along the way, given the protagonist is only known as “Man” and Brody says there’s a kind of “Kill Bill” feel somewhere in there.

That sounds intriguing enough for me, but if you want more be sure to check out the source link below for a fairly ambiguous 70-second trailer.

Via [Inside Movies]

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