Star Wars Episode VII Could Begin Filming Early 2014

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star wars logoBestill my nerdy, nerdy heart, this Star Wars Episode VII train is leaving the station soon. Producer Bryan Burk told Collider it looks like things are on track to begin filming early next year. Disney has no plans to let this franchise lose any momentum, and want the first new movie ready to go in 2015. It’s an ambitious timeline, particularly with J.J. Abrams doing Star Trek movies too.

Not everyone is happy about Abrams helming arguably the most revered two film franchises in sci-fi. Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, said Abrams was “being a pig” by taking both of these on. Paramount gave Abrams six months to work on his first Star Trek, allowing it to move from summer to Christmas of 2009 in the process. Disney may not be willing to be as flexible. It just announced EA will handle its Star Wars video games. I promise you there’s a game tie-in slated for summer 2015, along with burger meals, shampoos and all the other merchandise that comes along with these movies.

Right now isn’t the time to worry about deadlines and release dates, though. Now we just need to take in the nerdy bliss and be happy we’re getting new movies, with original cast members involved. If anyone can pull all this off, I would bet on it being J.J. Abrams.

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