It’s All Going to Hell In New True Blood Trailer

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True BloodVampire-themed drama True Blood returns to HBO June 16 for Season 6. The humans in Louisiana have had just about enough and are declaring war on vampires. This gives the werewolves a pretty good reason to suspect they might be next. You know, once humans start running around with torches and pitchforks, history tells us things get out of hand fast.

There’s the matter of Bill, who drank Lilith’s blood to be reborn as a vampire god. I’m officially putting Bon Temps, La. on my list of “Why do People Still Live There?” towns along with Gotham City and Marvel Universe Manhattan.

True Blood isn’t lacking for drama behind the camera either. Showrunner Mark Hudis left two months ago, with Brian Buckner taking on the position. The switch was surprising considering Hudis had just signed a two-year deal with HBO. He’ll now focus on development. But even diehard fans complained about Season 5. Perhaps Buckner, who has been with the show since its beginning, can turn things around.

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