Only YOU Can Save ‘Community,’ Its Studio Says

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The "Keep 'Community' Alive" campaign

The “Keep ‘Community’ Alive” campaign

NBC’s cult comedy Community will air its season finale this Thursday, which will become a series finale if NBC opts not to pick up the show for a fifth season. But Sony Pictures, the studio behind the series, has launched a campaign aimed at saving the series, with this 60-second video that uses actual clips from the show to implore fans to watch the finale and tweet about it at the hashtag #watchcommunitylive:

The move is reminiscent of ABC’s much-maligned, not-particularly-successful “Save Happy Endings” campaign of a few months ago, although in this case it’s the studio making the case for renewal, and not the network which is itself in charge of the decision on whether or not the show comes back.

 Community, which returned earlier this year following the much-publicized dismissal of creator Dan Harmon, got off to an especially slow start, both creatively and ratings-wise, but has rebounded of late, with last month’s puppet-themed episode a particular highlight. Still, even with 30 Rock and The Office disappearing from NBC’s Thursday night for good, the likelihood of the show’s renewal remains unclear.

Should Community gain renewal, it will find itself just one season and one movie away from its stated goal of “Six Seasons and a Movie.” 


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