A Nation Rejoices as Carrie Underwood Gets “Sunday Night Football” Gig

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Carrie Underwood In news that ranks right up there with the NFC-AFC merger, NBC Sports has announced that Carrie Underwood will perform the opening theme for Sunday Night Football.

Sports fans had been anguishing for weeks since Faith Hill stepped away from the spotlight. Would NBC go the hip-hop route? Or rock? Would they hire a chanteuse who was merely hot or stupid hot?

America’s football fans finally have an answer — and we couldn’t be happier.

With such important news out of the way, we can now take care of our everyday lives. Maybe I can actually get a good night’s sleep for once.  Way to keep us in suspense, NBC!

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with sports fans where this was THE topic. Honestly. Forget about Joe Flacco’s giant contract or the merits of Tim Tebow, we wanted to know who would provide the real entertainment. That’s the dirty little secret of football: We fans, especially guys,  just like the spectacle and glitter and loud noises. The games don’t really matter all that much. I still don’t know how many downs a team gets.

And what exactly is a down? Is that a penalty? This game is so damn confusing!

I look forward to what Underwood brings to the table in interpreting this finely crafted song. I can’t wait to see what outfit she’ll wear. And I can’t wait for when Underwood turns 35 and this whole process — and its delicious anticipation — starts again!


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