Ben Affleck’s ‘Argo’ Follow-Up: ‘Live By Night’ Lehane Adaptation

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Live-By-Night-Ben-AffleckWho would have ever thought the cinematic world was going to be at Ben Affleck’s feet just ten years after “Gigli”? Definitely not J-Lo, am I right? But Affleck has really turned from a hated caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, being currently one of the hottest directors in Hollywood, in spite of the Academy’s still frosty feelings towards the Boston native.

And the guy is really set on staying in the spotlight for all the right reasons for as much time as possible. Hence, his “Argo” follow-up already sounds like Oscar bait – an adaptation of Denis Lehane’s “Live By Night” book published just last year.

Lehane should be a name to ring a lot of bells for movie buffs, but if you can’t put a face to it maybe “Mystic River” and “Shutter Island” can refresh your memory. Yes, the guy has written both books helping Sean Penn and Tim Robbins score their first Oscar wins.

Affleck is planning to produce, write, direct and star in “Live By Night”, so there go four possibilities for enriching a resume that already includes two Oscars, one for producing (“Argo”) and one for writing (“Good Will Hunting”).

Pre-production started yesterday, but there’s no approximate release date set yet, while all the other casting details are up in the air. Chances are there’s a role in there for Ben’s smaller brother Casey, just like it has been in “Gone Baby Gone”, another Lehane adaptation/Affleck family film.

Via [Indiewire]

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