World’s Most Troubled Production, ‘Jane Got a Gun’, Gets a New Villain – Ewan McGregor

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Ewan McGregor-Natalie PortmanIt’s nearly impossible to find a more troubled production than that of upcoming “Jane Got a Gun” western, but, despite all of the recent hiccups and casting tweaks, the Gavin O’Connor-directed movie is going forward (more or less) as planned.

The newest addition to the film’s cast is Ewan McGregor, who will be replacing Bradley Cooper as the main villain. As you probably remember, Cooper dropped out when director Lynne Ramsay left the project, following earlier exits from Michael Fassbender and Jude Law.

Joel Edgerton was himself in contention to play the western’s villain role, but he’ll apparently be the hero after all. Meanwhile, Natalie Portman was essentially the only person keeping this thing from completely falling apart, as the actress is set to both star and produce “Jane Got a Gun”.

The movie has started filming for a while now, but, despite all of these rumbles, Portman is optimistic production will be wrapped up in the fall and a 2014 release is still possible. The script is penned by Brian Duffield and Anthony Tambakis (“Warrior”), with the plot reportedly focusing on young and pretty Jane Hammond, a good girl (guess who) married with a big baddie (Noah Emmerich).

Jane teams up with old love Dan Frost (Edgerton) against the vicious Bishop Boys, who her husband crosses before getting eight bullets in the back. Oh, if only this was a comedy written and directed by Seth MacFarlane instead of a western drama that’s probably going to take itself way too seriously…

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