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It's no "Clerks," but I'm sure the video quality will be better

Kevin Smith will host a Hulu-only film review show called Spoilers (Filmdrunk)

Robert DeNiro is returning to the gangster genre with a new movie called “Malavita,” directed by Luc Besson. It’s based on a  book called “Badfellas”! (Variety)

Radiohead’s entire “OK Computer” and “Kid A” albums, as 8-bit video game music. Its rendering of the “Paranoid Android” guitar solo is AWESOME, by the way (Pitchfork)

Seven strangers, twenty years… MTV’s The Real World premiered 20 years ago today (Gothamist)

Any ranking of series finales that puts those of Seinfeld and The Sopranos ahead of Six Feet Under is a joke, including this one from Entertainment Weekly (EW)

A must-listen if you’re a lover- or hate-watcher- of Smash: Julie Klausner hosts a podcast in which she goes over the first season with both Vulture recapper/Smash skeptic Rachel Shukert and Jason Grote, a writer on the show. (How Was Your Week?)


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