Sea of Deep Blue Seas

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Hey Siri- is that a shark?

It was announced at Cannes this week that a new film will be produced called “The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will star Jessica Biel, Chloe Moretz and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, with Justin Timberlake to both compose the movie’s soundtrack, while also serving as music supervisor. Bill Purple is the director.

“Devil in the Deep Blue Sea” is not to be confused with “The Deep Blue Sea,” a drama that came out last year starring Rachel Weisz, or the other “Deep Blue Sea,” from 1999, which is best known as “the movie where Samuel L. Jackson gets eaten by a shark.” 

The new film is described by the Reporter:

Set in New Orleans, Deep Blue Sea follows Henry (Morgan), a grieving widower who recently lost his wife (Biel) in a car accident, as he finds refuge by helping a wisecracking young girl (Moretz) fulfill her dream of building a raft and sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.


Hopefully they’ll steer clear of sharks…

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