Trailer Watch: ‘Baggage Claim’? More Like ‘Baggage Lame’

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Baggage-ClaimThose of you that have been keeping tabs on my articles here of late have heard me bitching more than once on the state of sci-fi and action movies in Hollywood and their symptomatic lack of freshness. But today I’m going to turn the page.

And instead bitch about how romantic comedies have gone sour. Now, I’m not exactly a fan of the genre, but I have to admit I’ve seen my share of chick flicks during the years. Most of which have been bad. But not all.

Unfortunately, I think the last sort of okay-ish romantic comedy I’ve seen was starring a Hugh Grant in his early 30s. And, with such hugely promising titles like “The To-Do List”, “The Best Man 2” (wut?), “Are We Officially Dating?” (Zac Efron, really?) and “Baggage Claim” on the horizon, chances are that’s not going to change very soon.

What, you’ve yet to hear of “Baggage Claim”? Well, you are definitely missing out. This thing looks so bad from the first trailer that I’m guessing Tyler Perry refused to direct it. It looks so bad that I’m hearing Martin Lawrence was supposed to play the lead role in lady’s clothes, but the producers decided he/she was going to be too hot for Taye Diggs.

But hey, at least it stars Adam Brody in a role that fits him like a glove – an annoying, fashionista gay dude. Isn’t that something worth seeing more of?

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