Bauer’s Back? Fox Looks to Revive ’24’

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24Could the clock be ticking towards the return of 24 on Fox?

The surprising story broke Thursday night on that the network is looking to bring back the real-time action-adventure show as a “limited series.” Star Kiefer Sutherland and executive producer Howard Gordon are both in talks to return, although no deals are place yet.

Fox also announced Thursday that Sutherland’s series, Touch, has been cancelled after two seasons.

The series ran for eight seasons, between 2001 and 2010, and starred Sutherland as counterterrorist superhero Jack Bauer, who fought a series of domestic and international bad guys alongside an ever-revolving cast of allies. The twist of the series was that it was told completely in real time, with each season comprising one day, and each episode one hour.

The Bauer character was alive at the end of the series and a “24” movie has been in the works periodically in the three years since the show went off the air, although it has never gotten into production.

24 had clearly run out of steam and ideas in its later years, although perhaps the time off will reinvigorate the premise. And if the show’s history is an indication, we can expect action sequences modeled on the Bin Laden raid, the Boston Marathon manhunt and the Benghazi attack.

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  • Swinky

    I can’t stop screaming!!! I love JB so much. #JackBauer4President

  • Swinky

    I can’t stop screaming!!! I love JB so much. #JackBauer4President I just hope that terrible Kim Bauer never comes back. That will ruin this entire thing for me.

    P.S. You should also add “Dammit!” and “When you’re in the field, I’M in charge.”