Disney Will Make ‘Big Hero 6′ its First Marvel Animated Movie

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Big Hero 6Disney went through a bit of an identity crisis in recent years, as arguably the world’s most famed animation division struggled to stay relevant. Adding the Marvel Comics catalog and its incredibly bankable heroes couldn’t possibly hurt. Disney’s first animated flick based on a Marvel project is a bit of a shocker, though. It’s not Spidey or any of the Avengers. Rather, it’s going with Big Hero 6, an anime-inspired tale of state sponsored superheroes who defend the town of San Fransokyo.

Don Hall, who previously directed “Winnie The Pooh,” will helm this 3D tale targeting a November 2014 release. Hall told the Los Angeles Times he was looking for something on the obscure side. That way, Disney could put its own stamp on the property. Big Hero 6 is very Japanese, with giant robots, dinosaurs and a title that makes little sense until you’ve read it. But Hall believes at its core, it is very Disney. There’s a child hero, a quirky sense of humor and the type of huge fantasy world Disney is famous for bringing to life.

As EntertainmentTell’s resident comic nerd, I haven’t agreed with every move of the Disney/Marvel era. Overall, they’re getting a lot of things right. There is likely no way Big Hero 6 gets a mainstream movie release without Disney’s influence. The animation giant is making big hits again, with movies such as “Wreck-It-Ralph” and “Tangled” showing they can be trendy and family friendly at the same time.

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