Report: All Four ‘Idol’ Judges Gone, No More Divas Wanted

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American IdolIt’s an Idol-geddon. The Wrap is reporting that all four American Idol judges are gone after this season, as well as executive producer Nigel Lythgoe. It’s denying rumors circulating that Jennifer Lopez might return. The Wrap’s source says the era of deals like Mariah Carey $18 million Idol payday is over.

Fox wants to get younger with this show, so tribute nights to The Beatles and Burt Bacharach are probably gone too. The Voice has cut into Idol’s audience and pop culture relevance, giving NBC some much needed help. Idol’s ratings, particularly in the 18-49 group, have been steadily declining. But it still makes Fox a whole lot of money, and we’re talking about it right now. Repairing shows to their former luster costs a lot less than creating new ones.

Idol still gets millions of people to sit through Ford commercials featuring potential winners and AT&T gets plenty of publicity from the voting process. You can’t get that kind of product placement into The Mindy Project without people noticing.

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