James Gandolfini’s ‘Criminal Justice’ Ordered by HBO After All as Limited Series

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Criminal-JusticeThere’s nothing more painful in Hollywood than investing time and money into a project only to see it killed off before it can take off. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened with James Gandolfini’s Criminal Justice drama pilot, although it seems there’s hope after all for the potential TV show.

Rejected about three months ago by the big kahunas at possibly the best cable network in the US, Criminal Justice will reportedly find life after death in the end on HBO. Only not as an open-ended show, but instead as a seven-part limited series. That’s still better than nothing, right?

It surely is and, knowing HBO and Gandolfini, I smell a heap of Emmy miniseries nominations already. For now, the project is in redevelopment and reworking, but chances are its seven “episodes” will air in 2014, at the latest.

Mr. Tony Soprano will still serve as executive producer and main star of the limited series, with the cast also set to include familiar names like Bill Camp (“Compliance”), Payman Maadi (“A Separation) and Ben Shenkman (“Angels in America”).

The entire thing will be written by Richard Price, the Oscar nominated scribe of “The Color of Money”, while Steven Zaillian (“American Gangster”, “Moneyball”) will be sitting in the director’s chair. Now honestly, with so much talent involved, how did HBO pass this in the first place?

Via [Hollywood Reporter]

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