’24’ To Return in May 2014

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jack bauerStruggling to revive its dramatic slate, Fox is going back to an old, reliable and violent friend. Jack Bauer’s returning in 24: Live Another Day.

The show’s format will condense into 12 episodes, which Fox Chairman of Broadcasting Kevin Reilly said is liberating for producers.The storyline will still take place over a 24-hour timespan, but the show will skip some hours and condense others.

They’re looking at a May 2014 debut, and right now it’s planned as a one-time event. That could easily change if Kiefer Sutherland’s return proves to be a ratings bonanza. In a statement, Sutherland said reuniting with Bauer is like “finding a lost friend.”The actor said his goal is to knock our socks off with Bauer’s return.

Fox is experimenting with other limited series, including Wayward Pines. That one stars Matt Dillon and M. Night Shyamalan will produce. There was talk of turning 24 into a feature film, but producers realized the episodic TV format was actually the perfect one.

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