DVD Review: Meet The Fraggles

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meet the fragglesA little slice of nostalgia comes our way from Vivendi Entertainment, and for those who love their Jim Henson, it’s going to be a good day indeed as they sent out a copy of “Meet The Fraggles” for us to review.

“Meet The Fraggles” gives us six episodes of the original “Fraggle Rock” series in one handy DVD package. Here, we’ll have a variety of adventures with the Fraggles. The Fraggles live in an underground network of caves that connects to what seems to be two separate dimensions. At one end of the cavern is a hole in the wall of some old guy’s tool shed. The other end leads to a pastoral haven ruled by comparatively stupid creatures known as Gorgs. The old guy’s tool shed connects to the real world, known to the Fraggles as “outer space.” The Gorg country, meanwhile, is home to a three-Gorg army that is generally acrimonious to Fraggles, and capture them on sight. Not surprisingly, this means that Fraggles seldom leave Fraggle Rock, unless it’s for important reasons. Thus, we not only get a lot of adventures going on in Fraggle Rock proper, but also occasional excursions outside Fraggle Rock.

Jim Henson rings a lot of chords in people, so most anything he does has a certain resonance with its viewer. Granted, this is more for kids than for anyone else, but for those who remember the original adventures of the Fraggles, the opportunity to make the connection is one of the big draws of this collection. There will also be plenty of musical numbers in here, potentially too many for some. But that Jim Henson spirit runs throughout the proceedings, and that’s quite a recommendation. 149 minutes of Jim Henson is a difficult proposition to pass up, though given that the complete series is out there as well as full individual seasons on DVD. So the overall value posed by “Meet The Fraggles” isn’t exactly the greatest.

Worse, there are no special features here. Not a one. No subtitles, no featurettes, no deleted scenes or gag reels or even trailers for other properties here. It’s just six largely unrelated episodes of “Fraggle Rock.”

While “Meet the Fraggles” will prove to be an entertaining experience in its own right, there’s better to be had out there. It’s a good rental if you can’t get anything else, but for those who love their “Fraggle Rock,” it’s better to just go whole hog and stick to one of the array of other collections out there.

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