Angry Birds Movie in 3D Coming in 2016

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angry-birds-e1346338290188When that first Angry Bird belly flopped into that first pig’s castle, he didn’t dream of superstardom. Rovio’s simple but addictive game has inspired 1.7 billion downloads, a cartoon and now a 3D movie. Sony Pictures earned the right to capture this revenge tale of birds vs pigs on the big screen, targeting a July 1, 2016 release date.

Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, said that “every studio in town” wanted to make this movie. Considering “Battleship” got made in this town, she may be telling the truth. Numerous popular video games have made the jump to the movies, but few successfully. Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise is currently the most profitable game-to-film adaptation. That comes from Sony as well, and has actually become the studio’s second biggest franchise behind Spider-Man.

The Resident Evil series features zombies, multinational corporations and conspiracies. It succeeded because there are so many ways the plot can go. The series director, Paul W.S. Anderson, said he would never want to make a Pac-Man or Frogger movie. Sony Pictures apparently has no such qualms, because Angry Birds has far more in common with those type games. Three cautionary words Sony: Super Mario Bros.

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