Oy Vey: “Princesses: Long Island” Isn’t Good For the Jews

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Princesses: Long IslandThe rise of Jersey Shore a few years ago led inevitably to several equivalent reality series – Basketball Wives, Russian Dolls, Shahs of Sunset, etc.- that luxuriated in the basest stereotypes of various ethnic groups. I guess now it’s Jewish American Princesses’ turn.

That’s the takeaway I got from the premiere trailer for Princesses: Long Island, an upcoming reality show on Bravo. Set to air in the normal Real Housewives timeslot of Sunday night at 9- indicating that Bravo has high hopes for this one- “Princesses” seems to be geared towards people who enjoy The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but wish it had more Yiddish.

Just as Jersey Shore was all about advancing Italian-American stereotypes despite multiple cast members not actually being Italian, Princesses, judging by the clip below, lays the Jewishness on thick, despite the apparent presence in the cast of several gentiles. The short trailer includes literally every single offensive stereotype there is of Jewish women, from materialism to marriage obsession to big noses. And some Yiddish too:

I mean, there’s no way that “Shabbat Shalom– Go Fuck Yourself” line was improvised. That line MUST have part of the initial pitch to the network, and it doubles as the show’s mission statement.

The first time I saw Bethenny Frankel on a reality show, my reaction was that if this woman were a fictional character and not a real person, she’d be instantly lambasted as way too obvious and offensive an anti-Semitic caricature. So naturally, here’s a reality show on the same network with six of her.

The show premieres on Bravo June 2, but I don’t think I’ll be watching- if I wanted to be exposed to an over-the-top stereotypical caricature of Jewish princess culture, I never would’ve left Brandeis University.

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