At the End of the Day: President Bulworth, Expanded Stefon, and Saying Goodbye to ‘Smash’

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New York’s Hottest Club is I’m Leaving Saturday Night Live

President Obama apparently wishes he could “go Bulworth,” though apparently without the awkward rapping (New York Times)

Since the Stefon character has never even sustained a sketch, you’d think it wouldn’t ever be part of a movie, and Bill Hader confirms that in an interview (GQ)

The Office finale had about 50 people in the guest credits; a primer on who was who (Vulture)

Reasons to be nervous about the return of Arrested Development on Netflix (11 Points)

Rachel Shukert, the world’s greatest Smash recapper, ponders the end of the series (Tablet)

 The Village Voice’s latest round of layoffs has whacked every remaining writer you’ve heard of, including gossip legend Michael Musto (Gawker)

Comparing the two Ryan Howards (Yahoo Sports)

Shades of Paul Ryan’s Rage Against the Machine fandom- another Republican Congressman is a Public Enemy fan, and loves its “conservative message” (Gawker)

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