Steven Spielberg Set to Produce ‘Halo: The Television Series’

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Much like Master Chief himself, these live-action Halo projects simply refuse to stay dead. According to CNet, Microsoft and 343 Industries announced Tuesday that Steven Halo_2 Spielberg will be producing a live action Halo television series (Microsoft did not specify what Spielberg’s exact creative role will be with the series).

The announcement was made during Microsoft’s Xbox One event in which Spielberg appeared on screen and stated that the Halo franchise was “myth-making meat.” Which is a weird and troubling thing to say about a franchise or anything, really. In fact, “myth-making meat” sounds like something a serial killer would write in blood in some kind of crazed manifesto.

Of course Spielberg isn’t the first notable director to involve themselves in a Halo project, Peter Jackson was set to produce and direct a Halo movie several years ago but the project fell apart when Jackson nearly choked to death on the myth-making meatiness of the Halo franchise.

C/Net has also noted that the official name for the program will be Halo: The Television Series.

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