“Human Centipede III” to Begin Filming, After Finally Receiving Script Approval from Dieter Laser

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Centipede As others have noted the script for a “Human Centipede” film is something that must be lovingly chewed over and properly digested before it can be converted into something that can properly “feed” an audience.

Befitting a “Human Centipede” film purported to portray a centipede involving 500 stitched together humans, that process has been especially slow going in the case of “Human Centipede III”. Over a year ago Dieter Laser, star of the original “Human Centipede,” made it known very publicly that he found the prospective script for the third installment to not be a tasty morsel at all and didn’t think it was worthy of being passed on.

After a long period of very public feuding, threats of lawsuits etc. between Laser and “Human Centipede” director Tom Six, it appears the script has now finally been chewed over to Laser’s satisfaction and he’s willing to swallow it and turn it into something that will be able to nourish and sustain an audience. According to an item yesterday in the Los Angeles Times at long last filming of the third (and supposedly final) “Human Centipede” movie is to begin tomorrow in the L.A. area. The film will be directed by Six and distributed by IFC. Laser will apparently be playing a different character than the one he played in the original “Human Centipede.” It will still involve a human centipede in some way.

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