At the End of the Day: Ke$ha vs. Brent Bozell, Jay Leno vs. Hulk Hogan, and Maureen Dowd vs. Sitcoms

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I'd rather watch the Tonight Show with Diamond Dallas Page

I’d rather watch the Tonight Show with Diamond Dallas Page

In a battle between two of the more loathsome forces in American life, Ke$ha is feuding with the Parents Television Council, for reasons way too disgusting to go into (Billboard)

The best final lines from sitcoms; I’m partial to “sorry, we’re closed.” (Slate)

The five strangest celebrity cameos in pro wrestling (Cracked)

Maureen Dowd takes on the newly announced fall shows, and the results aren’t pretty (New York Times)

A supercut of every single Bill Hader impression on Saturday Night Live (Vulture)

Speaking of which, looking at who all the guests were at Stefon’s wedding to Anderson Cooper (EW)

Gettin’ jiggy wit’ it once again: Will Smith will return to rap, along with Kanye West (Complex)

A 30th-anniversary appreciation of “Bill Cosby: By Myself” (GQ)

Jumping to the top of the list of books I never, ever want to read: Piers Morgan is writing a memoir of his time on CNN (AP)

Looking back at the old magazine Yahoo! Internet Life (Buzzfeed)



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