Blu-ray Review: Dexter: The Seventh Season

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dexter seventh seasonEveryone’s favorite serial killer gets a chance to make a comeback with the release of “Dexter: The Seventh Season.” Our friends out at CBS Video sent over a copy for us to review, and this time, there’s a bit more going on than normal. That additional bit going on  will improve the season to a much greater length than normal.

“Dexter: The Seventh Season” picks up where Showtime’s sixth season left off, with Dexter finally revealing his killing ways to Debra, though largely unintentionally. There’s plenty of fallout from that, of course–especially as Deb tries valiantly to keep Dexter’s secrets–but it’s going to be about quite a bit more than that. Dexter may well have found love in a fellow killer.  Batista may have finally found his dream away from the police, and all the while, LaGuerta is closing in to pin the Bay Harbor Butcher killings successfully on Dexter. With all of these separate factors coming together and playing off one another, it’s going to mean a lot of trouble for Dexter…and everyone around him.

This is actually one of the better seasons of “Dexter,” for the most part. Not only is everything a lot more urgent here–Debra finding out about Dexter’s extracurriculars is particularly noteworthy, and Jennifer Carpenter has always been a gifted actress; she shows every inch of that gift right here–there’s an urgency here that’s even more present than normal. Yet even among that, there’s still a sense of carefully paced drama, several good surprises, and even–carefully spaced out and used for good effect–a few laughs along the way.

“Dexter” has always done an interesting job of blending thriller and crime drama, but this time it’s gone even farther. It’s surprisingly smart and downright entertaining. For those who enjoy television that’s out of the ordinary and don’t mind some objectionable content–this is a Showtime series, after all–this is going to be a great stop.

Special features include your choice of English, Spanish or French language tracks, English subtitles, and a download code for the first episode of “Ray Donovan.” It’s kind of odd that a multi-disc Blu-ray didn’t come with more special features, but then, what we had was pretty good as it was.

With lots of strange and unexpected twists, some shocking sequences, and some overall terrific moments, “Dexter: The Seventh Season” is certainly one of the best we’ve had so far. Maybe not the best, of course, but it can hold its own against most any other season that’s been had so far.

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