DVD Review: Teen Wolf (20th Century Fox/MGM)

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Teen Wolf Season One DVD

While the original 1985 Michael J. Fox-starring film of the same that was the basis for this series may not hold much appeal to MTV’s audience, it still made sense for the network to revive the Teen Wolf franchise. In the wake of Twilight, the combination of teens and the supernatural is commercial gold these days.

So now we get the first season Teen Wolf the series on DVD … and it’s not bad! While MTV doesn’t have the greatest track record for scripted drama—the net has scored much better with reality shows in recent years—Teen Wolf actually does a decent job of creating a spooky feeling while tapping into the angst of today’s teenagers. It’s certainly much better than the CW’s The Vampire Diaries series, which tries to tap into the Twilight zeitgeist with amped-up rock songs and too much soapy dramatics.

Teen Wolf stars Scott McCall as Tyler Posey, an outsider, ignored by the popular kids, who gets bit one night when his best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) convinces him to venture in the woods to see a dead body. In ways, Teen Wolf plays out as a sort-of supernatural Spider-Man as Tyler gets all hairy and learns to make the best use of his abilities.

The original film was played for laughs—Fox became a high school celebrity with his new “coat”—but this one takes the premise more seriously. The episodes play out nicely, presenting new threats and dangers and upping the scariness as Tyler seeks the secrets behind his new identity. The acting—often sketchy in made-for-cable series of this sort—is actually fairly good. McCall, in particular, does a nice job as Scott, earnest and forthright without being forced or false.

Teen Wolf the series has a lot of well-done night scenes, presented with clarity on this DVD set. While this is definitely aimed at the under-20 set, any fan of drama with a spooky flavor may enjoy this season, and look forward to the next.

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