J.J. Abrams is Preparing to Piss Off ‘Star Wars’ Obsessives

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After returning ‘Star Trek’ to its former (and some would say, never-before-envisioned-for-what-was-basically-a dialogue-and-idea-driven-bit-of-serious-science-fiction) glory, J.J. Abrams is now currently focused on doing the same to the unusual pop culture universe crafted by George Lucas way back in 1977. With Disney paying the bills and a release date in 2015 looming, Variety has some minor scoop about the upcoming shooting schedule, as well as a quote from the man himself that is destined to get many a ‘Star Wars’ fanatic in a Jar-Jar Binks-inspired froth.

As with any massive production that has yet to be cast or even have its preproduction completed, word now is that Abrams will indeed begin shooting in early 2014. In England. As stated before. That seems fair. Another few months and with many of the wrinkles worked out, he should be able to bring this together in time for the House of Mouse-mandated weekend.  But there was another nugget offered here that may sting, just a bit, especially for all you lovers of everything outside the property’s cinematic source.

From all appearances- according to comments from a speech by the director at a recent conference- it looks like Abrams and company are going for an original story here, inspired by but not directly referencing any of the litany of books and video games attached to the canon of the first six films. In fact, when asked directly if he would deal with any of the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, the filmmaker said that the material is “so massive and so important to people (that) I think the key to moving forward on something like this is honoring but not revering what came before.” Huh? Intergalactic double speak. A Yoda like non-committal committal?

Now this is not news, really, (such a stance has been rumored for a while) but it does confirm that Abrams wants to put his mark on the franchise before letting others explore the various literary permutations possible. As with any news affecting fanboy nation like this, one imagines the messageboards aflame with all manner of comments and critiques. Such is the status of anything related to the adventures of Han, Luke, and Leia.


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  • Francesco M. DiGiovanni

    The movie should be Star Wars: Heir To The Empire. It’s a big mistake not making that adaptation, which would go very well at the box office, even if they had to recast the parts with younger actors like Nathan Fillion and Mark Wahlberg, etc. If the iconic parts in Star Trek can be recast with younger actors, then so can these parts in Star Wars.

    And, preemptively, for those who want to retort “I already read the book and know how the story ends”, I guess that means you didn’t go to see Harry Potter, Hobbit, or Lord of the Rings movies, since you already read the book and know how the story ends?