Box Office Report: MIB3 Allows Will Smith to Regain Proper Spot in Universe

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Here’s your box office report for this past weekend (complete with snarky commentary):

1.) “Men in Black III,” $70M. Oh, it’s the glorious return of Will Smith! Um, not really. “The Avengers” made $200 million and $100 million on non-holiday weekends. I consider this number to be ho-hum at best. Maybe don’t release the new installment 10 years later with a star who hasn’t been in a movie since 2008.

2.) “The Avengers,” $46.9MTo me, this is the real story of the weekend. Against one of the summer’s most anticipated releases, and it loses less than $10 million from last week. Has made $524 million as we speak, good for fourth on the all-time list. Should pass “The Dark Knight” any minute now.

3.)”Battleship,” 13.8M. Looks like Memorial Day weekend was a big help, huh? Last weekend’s haul was $25.4 million.

4.) “The Dictator,” $11.8M.  I think one of the funniest things in this report is the difference between this movie and “Battleship.” Sacha Baron Cohen doesn’t strike me as an Adam Sandler capitalistic type, so he must love that “The Dictator” is nipping the heels of a movie that was an anticipated cash machine.

5.) “Dark Shadows,” $9.4M. Has already made $65 million. I have nothing else to say that is relevant or true.

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