Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is Coming! (To British Theatres)

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Like Tin-Tin and Asterix, Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge character is barely known stateside even though he’s something of an iconic figure in European pop-culture. movies-alan-partridge-movie-cromer-pier-filming-2Which is a shame, really, because Coogan perfected the comedy of awkwardness long before Ricky Gervais even knew what an office was.

Additionally, the character’s relative obscurity in the US means that the long-awaited Alan Partridge movie – “Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa”- probably won’t have a wide release in this country or possibly even released at all (kind of like “League of Gentlemen: Apocalypse”).

Nonetheless, all of our British readers can expect to see the movie in theaters on August 7 (trailer here). Partridge purists may chafe at the fact that the film basically ditches the cinema verite approach of I’m Alan Partridge, but putting the unctuous, self-involved Partridge in the role of a reluctant hostage negotiator is kind of genius and should negate some of the more Bruckheimer-ian aspects of the movie.

I can’t wait to see this. A year from now. On my computer. Huddled in the dark. Like an animal.

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