HBO’s Hard Knocks Will Feature Dolphins

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Following months of reports that HBO was having trouble finding an NFL team to participate in its Hard Knocks reality series, the NFL announced Tuesday that the Miami Dolphins will be featured on this year’s show.

The documentary series, which features behind-the-scenes access to an NFL team during training camp and the preseason, did not broadcast an edition in 2011, as that year’s NFL lockout did not finish in time for a deal to come together.

The series debuted in 2001 but took a hiatus starting in 2003 and continuing until 2007. The last season to air featured the New York Jets, in 2010.

Possible topics for the Dolphins edition include the arrival of new coach Joe Philbin and rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill, as well as the various celebrities – Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Jimmy Buffett, and Venus and Serena Williams- who own small ownership stakes in the team.

The show will debut August 7.

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  • Eric Deamer

    I’m not an NFL guy, but why wouldn’t it make sense for them to simply do the Jets again? It seems like they’d be far the most entertaining in terms of pure drama an nonsense, with Tebow, Ryan’s personality, the Dolans’ personalities etc.

    • Stephen Silver

      I’m guessing the Jets didn’t agree to participate. I know a lot of other teams said no. It’s probably a huge distraction to have cameras everywhere during training camp. But since the one with the Jets two years ago was the highest-rated ever- and that was pre-Tebow- I’d imagine the NFL probably at least asked.