Trailer Watch: “Snowpiercer” Is Just Another Unoriginal Sci-Fi Flick… Or Is It?

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snowpiercerWhat is it with Hollywood and futuristic stories these days? Yes, the cinematic world has always been fascinated with the “future”, but doesn’t it seem like there are way too many sci-fi flicks? So far this year we’ve had “Oblivion”, “After Earth” and “The Host”, with “World War Z”, “Pacific Rim” and “Elysium” opening soon.

And then there’s “Snowpiercer”, from South Korean director/writer Joon-ho Bong, which doesn’t have a theatrical release date yet. The film’s first trailer is here and at a first glance there’s nothing special about it.

The story, save for a few apparently unimportant tweaks, is the same old, same old – the Apocalypse has come and gone and the last survivors are kept under a reign of terror by a big baddie. But a young, handsome rebel (they’re always young and handsome) rallies up the troops and goes against the main villain.

How passé, eh? Maybe, but I find myself weirdly drawn to this thing. And the odd part is I can’t put my finger on what exactly is making me curious. It might be Tilda Swinton’s eccentric approach at the futuristic villain. Or the mere fact Swinton plays the main antagonistic role.

Or it could be the great ensemble cast – Swinton, Chris Evans, John Hurt, Ed Harris, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer and I could go on. Ultimately though, it’s probably the setting – Earth’s last survivors are forced to live in a train and that’s also where they kick their revolution into gear. Doesn’t that just sound so simplistic and fun?

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