It’s Usher vs. Usher in Samsung’s Digital Film

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Music superstar Usher- two of him, in fact- are starring in a new digital short film sponsored by Samsung Smart TV. The film is a video for Usher’s new song and album “Looking 4 Myself.”

According to the description:

Directed by Rich Lee, the film features two Ushers facing off against each other, as “down-to-earth” Usher seeks revenge against “celebrity” Usher after fame causes the demise of his romantic relationship.  The film follows the two Ushers as they battle each other in an elaborately choreographed dance routine across downtown Los Angeles.  As the face-off between the two Ushers ensues, the motion-controlled Samsung Smart TV plays a role in the film’s story in a variety of innovative ways, such as when Usher’s dance moves control a variety of features of the Samsung Smart TV.

The film is available on Samsung’s YouTube channel:

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