At the End of the Day: Clark Kent’s Glasses, Hating or Loving Breitbart and the Imperial Khaleesi

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“Why Can’t Anyone Recognize Clark Kent/Superman,” or “a #Slatepitch that recycles a 20-year-old Jerry Seinfeld joke” (Slate)

A documentary about Andrew Breitbart has set a Rotten Tomatoes record for widest disparity between critics’ score and audience score- you can guess which is which (Hollywood Reporter)

Not a fan of Edward Said, apparently

Not a fan of Edward Said, apparently

In purchasing the trademark for “HTC Fetch,” HTC is, at last, making Fetch happen (Engadget)

Is Game of Thrones racist? Is Daenerys Stormborn Targaryan- Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains- a vile white imperialist? (io9)

Credit cards probably won’t work after the zombie apocalypse, but you can get a Walking Dead Visa anyway (Hollywood Reporter)

Against the phrase “Not the Onion” (The Awl)

The latest story about Honey Boo Boo is too disgusting to even put into words (New York Daily News)

This “what if the Xbox was a girl” video is so atrocious that Buzzfeed decided to bring it to a huge, huge audience (Buzzfeed)

Gene Wilder: not a fan of the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” remake (The Wrap)

Sheila O’Malley with a dynamite piece about the “melancholy” acting of Owen Wilson (

Speaking of friends of mine on the Ebert site, Sean Burns looks at why a “relatable” Superman is unnecessary (

Jeffrey Tambor re-created the opening of the Larry Sanders Show on Jimmy Fallon this week (Huffington Post)

And Garry Shandling loved it (Twitter)

Some Redditors came up with an amusing mashup called “Man of Blue Steel”- but where are Jamie Lee Curtis and Ron Silver? (Reddit)

The much-maligned Smooth jazz radio format is making an unlikely comeback, at least in Philadelphia, as I wrote about this week (Philly Post)

Matt Singer asks, will no one consider the property damage in summer blockbusters? (Criticwire)

Evaluating the songs of summer for the last two decades (Uproxx)

Looking at the economics of the new Arrested Development (Ivey Business Review)

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