First Trailer for “Insidious Chapter 2″ is Finally Here: Excuse Me While I Wipe This Smile Off My Face

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Ever since fans of “Insidious” got wind that “Insidious Chapter 2” was on the way, a floodgate of questions opened up.

Still, if you are one of those people (like me) who slept with the night light on for at least a week after viewing the 2011 otherworldly ghost story from James Wan, then the idea of another trip into the foggy realm of The Further with the Lambert family was a welcome one. However, that resonating cliffhanger-of-an-ending that concluded the original film (don’t worry, if you haven’t seen it then I won’t spoil it) didn’t leave much of an opening for a sequel.

That being said, any film that earns the distinction of being the most profitable film of any year, which “Insidious” happened to achieve in 2011 (earning almost $100 million worldwide and a little over $54 million domestically, while only costing around $1 million to make), as well as critical success. Therefore, the possibility of a sequel coming is inevitable.

What fate was bestowed upon the characters the first time around is a secondary concern, which is sometimes fixed by either focusing on supporting characters or creating new characters. In the world of horror films, it really doesn’t even really matter who the characters are that are being harassed, hunted, hurt or haunted. It’s the ones that are doing the harassing, hunting, hurting and/or haunting that really matter anyway, right?

Nevertheless, in the case of “Insidious,” both the protagonists and the antagonists are equally important to the continuation of the story. Well, at least they were to me. The original film introduced strong, interesting leads in the form of the beleaguered Lambert clan, as well as the similarly impressive rest of the cast. Especially solid were Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson and Ty Simpkins as the members of the terrorized Lambert clan: Renai, Josh and Dalton (the fourth member of the family, Foster, was played by Andrew Astor, while the fifth was a little baby).

The ghosts and ghoulies were also freakishly menacing. Ask anybody who’s seen the film, what they thought about the lipstick-face demon and/or the old lady with the black veil and you can literally see the fear in their eyes. In addition, the plucky, string-heavy score by Joseph Bishara (who, incidentally, also played the Darth Maul look-a-like lipstick-face demon) was unsettling and jarring and also played a big part in the film’s creepiness.

Taking all of these things into account, what I’m trying to say is, and I’m confident that I speak for everybody who saw the first film – before I saw the recent trailer, I had no idea what to expect from “Insidious Chapter 2.”

However, I was still excited as hell to see it.

Malevolent spirit in "Insidious Chapter 2"

Don’t ghosts have manners? It’s not nice to point… and scare the hell out of people.


Then, a little less than a week ago, I was able to catch the first official trailer for “Insidious Chapter 2,” which comes to theaters right where the summer meets the fall on September 13 – which happens to occur on a Friday, go figure.

Well, for any fans of horror films or movies with poltergeists in them, I’m here to tell you that “Chapter 2” is going to be just as terrifying if not more so, than its predecessor was.

And also, for any fans who, not only saw but, became enamored with the first “Insidious” (like I did), I can only use the following words to describe the trailer…

Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, this looks AWESOME!

The makers of the trailer, who I assume received a great deal of input from Wan (who, by the way, also has the haunted house film, “The Conjuring” coming up next month on July 19)  in how to construct it, were spot-on in delivering the message in regards to the sequel. And what is that message, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked.

The message, which is to the fans of the first film, is this: everything that you loved about the first film, will be present and accounted for in “Chapter 2.”

All your favorite good guys are back – from the whole, entire Lambert family (including all cast members) to ghost busting nerd Specs (played by screenwriter of both films and longtime collaborator with real life buddy Wan, Leigh Whannell) to the super-secretive Grandma Lorraine Lambert (played by Barbara Hershey). That eerie ethereal-plane called The Further is in the trailer. Disturbing specters with sinister agendas return with a vengeance… literally.  Don’t forget about all those haunting images and set pieces, which were constructed using creativity, not currency. It seems like it’s gonna be more of the same in Part 2. And last, but certainly not least, even the initial film’s signature song (which just happened to be lipstick-face’s favorite tune… hmmmm, I wonder) – “Tiptoe through the Tulips” by Tiny Tim – can be heard playing through the last half of the trailer.

Also, I must add that the trailer insinuates that the film seems to pick up directly

Creepy, freaky, disturbing Old Lady Ghost from "Insidious Chapter 2"

Mega-scary old lady from “Insidious 2″ – check. Night light – check. My Mommy’s number on speed dial – check. Blankie I used whe I was a scared, little child – check. Okay, I can watch the movie now.

where the first one left off – warts and all. This apparently even includes the inclusion of the jaw-dropping ending – which (again), for those of you that didn’t see it, I won’t spoil it for you. While some fans might see this as a negative aspect, I can’t wait to see how they combine all the events from Part 1 and Part 2 into one, big cohesive unit. Plus, I can’t wait to see that insanely frightening old lady ghost form The Further. Damn. I just got shivers thinking about her/it.

One of the promises that the trailer claims the new film will deliver upon are the “answers” that will be given regarding all of the weird shit that happened to the Lambert clan in the first film. Also, it looks like the movie is taking a cue from the “Paranormal Activity” franchise and slipping a “baby-in-jeopardy” storyline, just for good measure.

Regardless of what the film is actually about, I’ll tell you this much. The only answers I’ll end up needing – on Friday the 13th in the month of September of this year – are what time the movie starts and where it’s playing and I will be there.

Ready and willing to get a little more use out of my night light in the process.

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