Watch the Untouching, Unfeeling Trailer for Lynn Shelton’s ‘Touchy Feely’

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Touchy FeelyWhile I’ve never been a fan of Lynn Shelton’s storytelling talents (or lack thereof), I’ve at least found her unremarkable yet overrated film efforts so far amusing. And at times, even touching.

Which is exactly what the first ‘Touchy Feely’ trailer lacks. There are no laughs (apparently, the film is a clear-cut drama instead of a dramedy), but also no feeling or emotion. The story is bland, the pacing looks sluggish and the only thing that could save the movie is the cast.

Oh, the cast! Rosemarie DeWitt is in the lead, while Ellen Page, Allison Janney, Ron Livingston and Scoot McNairy turn in supporting performances. Honestly, how does this painfully untalented woman (I’m talking about Lynn Shelton) keep on attracting so much talent?

That’s a question for the ages, but for the time being be sure to check out the trailer for “Touchy Feely” below. Or don’t, it’s not like you’ll be missing anything of importance.

Anyways, if you do end up watching the trailer, don’t fall asleep halfway and still for some reason want to see the movie, Magnolia Pictures should bring it to theaters “soon”. Likely in limited release. Very, very limited, hopefully.

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