Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to star in ‘Terminator 5′, Collect Social Security

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In news that will make you say “huh” and then “whu-ha-ha-whhy?!?” And eventually, “oh, maybe-I guess”, Collider is reporting that Arnold Schwarzenegger will bearnoldx-large appearing in “Terminator 5”.

“That’s not so bad”, you might say. “Maybe he appears in a jokey cameo as a guy who is playfully murderd by a T-1000 (Maybe his character could even say something like “I won’t be back”, as he lays there dying. That’s funny, right?)”

Well, you better sit down because I’ve got some bad news. Even though the 66 year old Schwarzenegger currently looks like a Madame Tussaud’s sculpture of himself that was left out in the sun too long, he’s currently set to reprise his most iconic role. But on the plus side, Schwarzenegger is reportedly very happy to once again star as the Terminator. Which is nice. As long as he’s happy.

Nonetheless, the nagging question remains, how could a movie starring an AARP ready T-800 actually work? Maybe Schwarzenegger will get the same CGI treatment that Jeff Bridges received in “Tron: Legacy” or maybe “Terminator 5” will actually be a parody of the “Terminator” franchise. It might be called “Terminator 5: People 0” and Schwarzenegger’s age could be a part of the joke. He could also do the “Harlem Shake” and shoot one of the pigs from “Angry Birds”. People like that, right?

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