Rob Delaney Special Goes Up On- and Comes Down From- Netflix Instant

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robRob Delaney may be the comedy king of Twitter, but he’s not the comedy king of Netflix streaming, at least for now.

The popular comic, who has nearly 870,000 Twitter followers, tweeted late last week that his 2012 comedy special, “Rob Delaney Live at the Bowery Ballroom,” is now streaming on Netflix:


So I, like many Delaney Twitter fans who’s never actually seen the man do standup, added it to my queue.

Looking for something to watch Monday night, I looked up the Delaney special, to find it wasn’t there anymore, for mysterious reasons- mysterious, it appears, to Delaney himself as well:


One follower called the switch “literally worse than Benghazi.”

There continues to be little rhyme or reason to when or why Netflix streams or doesn’t stream content, and making it even worse, they recently announced they won’t be announcing such changes ahead of time. Let’s hope that special goes up again soon; until then they’ll have 869,436 angry people on their hands.

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