Just What You ‘Alien’ Fans Were Asking For: ‘Prometheus 2′ Gets a Screenwriter

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Image Courtesy of Film Buff

Image Courtesy of Film Buff

When it was announced that Ridley Scott, Mr. ‘Alien‘ himself, was planning on revisiting the sci-fi horror hybrid franchise for the first time in over three decades, fans were understandably excited. After all, he was the one who combined the outrageous designs of H. R. Giger with the old haunted house idea to make a modern classic. When additional information indicated that the new movie would be a “prequel,” explaining the origins of the face-hugging, acid-blooded extraterrestrials and the space jockey found by the crew of the Nostromo, interest went into overdrive.

Sadly, the resulting film, entitled ‘Prometheus,’ caused more confusion than contentment. Audiences worldwide gave it a $400 million-plus vote of confidence at the box office, but many fully vested in the series found the storyline involving cosmic “Engineers” and their creation of/desire to destroy life on Earth oddly anticlimactic – and a bit hard to follow.

Now, Variety is reporting that Sir Ridley’s Scott Free Productions has hired Jack Paglen to write the script for a ‘Prometheus’ follow-up, and for anyone still wondering what happened to Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and the humanoid cyborg David (Michael Fessbender), this will be good news. Rumor has it that, unlike the first film, which tried to manufacture the Alien mythos as well as address mankind’s place in the universe, the proposed trip to the Engineer’s planet – where ‘Prometheus’ left off – will be more of a stand-alone experience.  Both stars are expected to return, though Scott’s part in the project remains sketchy. He has not confirmed a return to the director’s chair.

The hiring of Paglen is a bit of a risk when you consider that the screen scribes only previous credit is the Johnny Depp sci-fi computer tech epic ‘Transcendence’ (currently filming with Will Pfister – Christopher Nolan‘s favorite cinematographer – behind the lens). Perhaps that’s an indication of this upcoming movie’s artistic and commercial prospects. It could also be a mere matter of getting a new talent at a cheap price. Whatever the case, we will have to wait until Fox officially gives the greenlight to see what transpires, and where ‘Prometheus 2′ takes us.

Sources: Film Buff Online and Variety

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