‘The Water Diviner’ is Russell Crowe’s Directorial Debut

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Russell CroweAnother actor that’s been James Franco-d into thinking he can also direct? Nah, it’s just awesome Russell Crowe being awesome some more.

The Oscar-winning thesp, who’s been thinking of getting behind the camera for a while, has reportedly finally picked his feature directorial debut. Pause for suspense… it’s going to be called “The Water Diviner” and the script has already been penned by Andrew Knight and Andrew Anastasios.

Anastasios is at his debut also, having been written nothing else before, while Knight, if I have the right guy (there are ten Andrew Knights listed on IMDB), is a mildly successful Australian TV scribe. He’s penned nine episodes of Rake, the show that’s soon to get an American copycat, and he’s been the creator of several series, including CrashBurn and SeaChange.

That doesn’t sound so very hot, but props to Crowe for wanting to start out modestly as a helmer. And besides, the “gladiator” is also set to star in “The Water Diviner”, so it can only be good. For now, there’s no other word on casting, but production is to start later this year, so stay tuned for updates.

Via [Collider]

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