‘The Amazing Spider-man 2′ Says “No!” To Mary Jane…for Now

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Image Courtesy of Shailene

Image Courtesy of Shailene

It’s amazing the level of activity surrounding the sequel to 2012’s ‘The Amazing Spider-man‘ – and the film won’t even be released until next year. The second film in the franchise reboot, helmed by ‘(500) Days of Summer”s Marc Webb, has seen casting questions and confirmations, villain reveals and denials, costuming hints at the narrative twists to come, and the promise of two more movies, already set for 2016 and 2018.

But perhaps the biggest news as of late dropped this week, when we learned that the character of Mary Jane Watson, huge in Sam Raimi‘s version of the comic but never even mentioned in this take, will also not be appearing in ‘Spidey 2.’ Why? Well, it’s not because of the actress hired, or her work in front of the lens. No, Shailene Woodley, cast as the other object of Peter Parker’s affections, has seen her minor moments in the new film cut in order to “streamline” the narrative.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Webb felt it was important to concentrate solely on the hero’s current gal pal, Gwen Stacey (still essayed by Emma Stone) and not complicate matters with a new potential paramour. The director praised Woodley (who was nominated for an Oscar for her work in ‘The Descendants‘), saying, “Shailene is an incredibly talented actress, and while we only shot a few scenes with Mary Jane, we all love working with her.” Still, her three sequences will indeed be left on the cutting room floor.

The plan now is to have the character appear in the third film. Unfortunately, this means the role will probably be recast. Woodley stated, “Of course I’m bummed. But I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason.” As many remember, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man fell hard for Kirsten Dunst’s version of Mary Jane in the original Raimi trilogy. Gwen did make an appearance in ‘Spider-man 3′ in the guise of Bryce Dallas Howard.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter and Complex Pop

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