At the End of the Day: Salut to James Gandolfini, a Viral Juggalo Video, and Netflix is Compuserve

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Not bad for a man his size

Not bad for a guy his size

Surveying James Gandolfini’s best non-Sopranos movie and TV roles (Slate)

Sheila O’Malley looks at Gandolfini’s stage career (Capital New York)

Why Netflix reminds one writer of… Compuserve (Read Write Web)

The Roger Ebert site continues to collect my favorite film writers: Here’s Craig D. Lindsay on charm in cinema (

Game of Thrones‘ season summed up in charts and graphs (Laughing Squid)

Our own Pete Croatto, on his personal blog, looks at myths and misconceptions about film critics (What Pete’s Watching)

A group of Minnesota-born musicians are opening a Minnesota-themed bar in Brooklyn (

A supercut of “We’re not so different, you and me” (YouTube) 

Is Game of Thrones kosher? (Forward)

An interview with Filmdrunk editor Vince Mancini (Criticwire)

5 Second Films will stream live for four hours, which is a whole damn lot of films (5 Second Films)

Do the words “juggalo,” “rap video,” “Internet hoax” and “indie movie” sound good to you together? (Deadline)

Why “The Phantom Menace” trailer was on the best of all time (The Verge)

Headline of the year nominee: “Yews For Yeezus” (Heeb)

Speaking of ‘ye, a list of the best sex tips from the new album (Jezebel)

Pink Floyd’s catalog is now on Spotify (Rolling Stone)

The periodic table of Muppets (Baboon Design)

In case you didn’t despise Chris Brown enough already, he’s teaming with an Aaliyah hologram. (Rolling Stone)

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