Comedy Central Giving Away Early Look at “Drunk History” on its Website

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HistoryCrack open a case of Bushmills indeed. Comedy Central is making the entire first episode of its newest series, Drunk History, available for free viewing on its website. Meaning you can go over there and check it out right now, over two weeks before the show is set to premiere on Comedy Central proper on July 9.

Drunk History is of course based on the very funny and popular long-running “Funny or Die” web series in which comedians drunkenly, and largely incorrectly, recount historical events while other big name comedians and actors act them out based on the drunken retelling. The first episode sounds pretty promising as some of the history it’s going to drunkenly retell includes the story of John Wilkes Booth, the Watergate scandal, and the time Elvis Presley met Richard Nixon; and some of those involved in the acting out and the drunken retelling include Bob Odenkirk, Adam Scott, Will Forte, Stephen Merchant, Fred Willard, Jonathan Ames (!) and Dave Grohl.

I agree with concerns that the concept may be too thin to sustain an ongoing 30 minute television show over a long period of time, but the cast and the topics lined up for the first episode sound like they should make for a pretty entertaining debut.

(via Splitsider)

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