The Trailer for ‘Prince Avalanche’ Proves David Gordon Green in Back on Track

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Here’s the critical rub on writer/director David Gordon Green: For many, he’s an onetime auteur turned sell-out, someone who started his career on such independent high notes as ‘George Washington’ and ‘Undertow’ before settling in with the Stoner Friends of Apatow to make middling mainstream movies like ‘Pineapple Express,’ ‘Your Highness,’ and ‘The Sitter.’ Like Woody Allen, who is constantly chided for not returning to his “earlier, funnier” films, Green is given grief for wanting to expand his career fortunes beyond the niche and the relatively unseen.

Well, after a few years in the commercial wilderness, he’s apparently going back to his “roots.” His latest film, ‘Prince Avalanche,’ appears to be the return to form everyone has been hoping for. A favorite around the festival circuit, it is finally coming to theaters and VOD on August 9th (via Magnolia Pictures).

According to, the story centers on two highway workers, Alvin (Paul Rudd) and his sister’s silly boyfriend, Lance (Emile Hirsch) who spend the Summer repainting the yellow lines down a road ravaged by a recent wildfire. Apparently, it’s an adaptation of an Icelandic film called ‘Either Way,’ though in Green’s version, the comedy is downplayed for more of a character study dynamic.

Here’s the latest trailer. Take a look:

Rudd and Hirsch seem perfect in their roles, each absorbing the others comments to become more than they originally seemed. Equally compelling is the landscape which offers its post-disaster vistas as part of an equally interesting interpersonal commentary. According to those who’ve already seen it, the humor is equally matched by the darker, more serious elements. Fans of the original Green can take comfort in that.


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