‘Behind the Candelabra’ Might Become a Broadway Musical

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Like the many millions of HBO subscribers, I loved every minute of “Behind the Candelabra”. But I will admit that the film was missing something. For example in

tumblr_lr0mzx8NU91qzbwkjo1_1280 the scene where Liberace pressures his lover Scott Thorson into surgically altering his face to resemble a young Liberace, why couldn’t Liberace have sung his creepy demands? Preferably in the form of a snappy patter song?

Well, for those people who were disappointed by “Behind the Candelabra’s” lack of jazzy musical numbers, The New York Post has some good news: we just may get a “Behind the Candelabra” musical on Broadway.

Although the project is still in its earliest planning stages (a writer and a director have yet to be hired) the film’s producer – Jerry Weintraub- already has two actors in mind to play the unnerving yet oddly sympathetic concert pianist. Nathan Lane is, not surprisingly, in the running as is Hugh Jackman who as The New York Post put it, might be “a bit young” and “good-looking” for the role.

Admittedly, the project seems to be a bit of a whim on Weintraub’s part. So it’s somewhat unlikely that the “Behind the Candelabra” musical will ever see the light of day. Especially considering that two other Liberace musicals are already being developed. But maybe if we clap our hands and wish hard enough something will happen. That scene where Thorson vomits in the dungeon-like corridors of a peep show needs to be set to music and transformed into an awe-inspiring, tap-dancing spectacle.


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  • Cheryl

    Disciplined man.
    Amazing talent. Put on a SHOW . Redifined stage presence and never took himself too seriously.
    An admirable man. Vanity and all.
    Better get an unknown to play him. Because Liberace would eat Lane like a rice cake.