“Queen of Twitter” Jenny Johnson Has a Book Deal

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Jenny JohnsonJenny Johnson had been a TV news producer, writer and comedian long before that fateful day when she responded to one of Chris Brown’s Twitter comments. The embattled pop star tweeted “I look old as f-&k.. I’m only 23…” to which Johnson said “I know! Being a worthless piece of s#@t can really age a person!” Thus began one of the epic Twitter feuds of all time, resulting in Brown deactivating his account for a while.

Johnson earned 410,000 followers and eventually the title “Queen of Twitter.” Now HarperCollins has offered Johnson a book deal through the It Books imprint. The offshoot specializes in books based on celebrity, fashion, sports and pop culture. Other It Books authors include Aisha Tyler and Guy Fieri.

The book is targeting a winter 2015 release date. Johnson will give her take on relationships, marriage and family. She is also a regular contributor to Grantland, GQ and Glamour. I love the lens she views pop culture through, and suspect this is going to be a very funny book. Considering what she accomplished with only 140 characters, it should be very interesting to see what she does with a whole book.


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