‘Mean Business on North Ganson Street’ Sees DiCaprio and Foxx Together Again

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Image Courtesy of Complex Pop

Image Courtesy of Complex Pop

The last time we saw Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio together, they were going toe to toe as ex-slave bounty hunter and vicious plantation owner, respectively, in Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar winning hit, ‘Django Unchained.’

Now the duo will reteam for a contemporary crime film entitled ‘Mean Business on North Ganson Street,’ based on a yet to be published novel from author S. Craig Zahler. The writer is not unknown to Tinseltown. He’s written several scripts and is a hot commodity right now. He is currently prepping another of this works for his directorial debut, ‘Bone Tomahawk.’ Described as a horse opera/horror hybrid, it will see Timothy Olyphant and Kurt Russell battling cannibalistic cave dwellers in the Old West. Weird.

In the case of the Foxx/DiCaprio reteaming, Zahler has a very different tale to tell. ‘Ganson’ sees ‘The Great Gatsby’ star as a hardened big city detective who, after a celebrated screw-up, is exiled to a rural Missouri town. There he meets the “equally bad-ass” policeman played by ‘White House Down”s cinematic President.

Apparently, when cops start showing up dead, execution style, DiCaprio and Foxx come together to figure our whodunit. It all sounds very formulaic and familiar, with only the two name stars and the unknown quantity that is Zahler added any real interest. Since the production is in its infancy, we’ll have to wait and see if this rematch equals the aesthetic and commercial success of the last time these two were onscreen together.

Sources: and Complex Pop

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